Discover what your future holds for the next 3 months... just like reading the news! 

Do you ever wonder what your next weeks will look like and what your future holds?

Do you ever wish you could get precise predictions for the days to come for the next 3 months?

Forecasting has been one of the most important tasks of Astrology for centuries. Everyone wants to know what their future holds and how to make the best out of their life. Such knowledge gives a person an immense power.

As the planets surrounding you move, they touch your birth chart and influence your life. At the same time, your own inner planets are slowly changing and developing, and together these transits and progressions tell the story of where you are and where you're going. It is your history in the making.

Timelines are used to recount history, so why not tell your future that way? This is exactly what your Timeline Report does, as it lines up planetary events as they affect you from day to day, month to month.

You get the information on your daily events and if feels just like reading the news, except the stories are all about you!

Your TimeLine report will tell you exactly what planetary influences are happening in your life; when and how these influences will be relevant to you, based on your own personal birth chart.

This information empowers you to make the right decisions in your life. 

Your Timeline Report is written in a clear and concise manner, with an easy to understand style requiring no knowledge of astrology. You will intuitively focus on the things most important and meaningful to you at the moment—and the rest will come naturally. 

The accuracy of your personal TimeLine Report will amaze you! 

What is included in your Timeline Report?

Get ready to dive deeper into your next 3 months with the following elements included in your
40+ page personal Timeline Report:

  • Your Astrological Birth Chart
  • What your future holds on a daily basis for the next 3 months
  • Key information on planetary movements

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