Unleash the Power of your Talents and boost your life with a new Life Strategy

We are all born with different Talents and Needs.

We also have areas in life where we lack certain Talents and do not know how to compensate for them.

Do you ever wish you could find a Strategy to maximise your Talents and make the best out of every situation in your life regarding your love relationships, your work or your social skills?

This is now possible with the StarTypes Life Strategy report.

The StarTypes Life Strategy report uses a new approach to Astrology, one that combines the ancient and venerable tradition of Astrology with the insights of modern Astronomy and the Solar system.

Using large-scale whole-chart planetary patterns, the StarTypes Life Strategy report defines two completely different views of your birth, two different perspectives of the same moment in time and the same planets, combined to provide an almost three-dimensional view of your birth moment and how it defines your Talents and Needs.

Developed over the last 40 years by famous Astrologer Michael Erlewine, the StarTypes Life Strategy report excels at defining your Talents and your Needs while giving you insights on how to approach relationships, your work and improve your life.

What is included in your StartTypes Life Strategy Report?

Get ready to dive deeper into your Talents and Needs and how to use a new Strategy to boost your life with the following elements included in your 20+ page personal StarTypes Life Strategy Report:

  • Your Startype Profile
  • A Focus on your Talents
  • An Exploration of your deepest Needs
  • How to Balance your Talents and Needs
  • How to approach Relationship
  • What are your core Business Skills
  • A list of Polarities to further your self-understanding

Get your StarTypes Life Strategy Report today and find out how to unleash the Power of your Talents to boost your Life!