The recipe to success was written on the day you were born. Decode the secrets behind your Birthday now!

As a starting point in life, your Birthday defines your chances on the road to success. Knowing what the future holds for you, you will be prepared and well equipped to make the right decisions.

What obstacles will be coming your way? What opportunities must you seize?    

Your Birthday Astrology Study will help you face the obstacles for the upcoming year.

It is also the first study ever that will tell you where in the world to go for your birthday to make the most out of it!

Your Birthday Astrology Study is equivalent to a roadmap that helps navigate the difficulties faced through self-discovery and reaching your highest potential.

What is included in your Birthday Astrology Study?

  • Your Natal and Solar Return Charts which explain how the Planets are aligned on your Birthday and how they impact your upcoming year

  • The Foundation for Your Year, based on Sun, Moon and Ascendants to tell you where your focus for your year should be

  • How Planets' Natal Positions will affect you in the next 12 months

  • Yearly Challenges and abilities reviewed for success 

  • Details about where in the world to go for your birthday to make it better in accordance with Astrology

  • Your Yearly Daily News impacted by Planetary movements called Transits and Progressions

The study is 30+ pages long and includes a copy of your natal chart and covers all the major planetary categories, each with an interpretation by astrology pioneer John Townley.

Your Birthday Astrology Study includes in-depth analysis of planetary alignments and aspects, life landscapes explaining personal development over time, planetary and elemental balance describing which are in abundance vs. which are lacking, chart patterns, challenges and abilities based on planetary aspects. 

In easy to understand language, a clear writing style results in a precise, informative written study.

This study also includes a short section on the current transits, giving you a window to the future.

The revelations from your Birthday Astrology Study can change your life for the better.

Get it now to fully understand your potential and transform your life!